Family bury girl under a phone-shaped tombstone because she was always on it, video of the grave melts hearts

Theresa Sifaga, 15 years old on her passing away, was buried under a phone-shaped tombstone by her family because she was always on it. A member of the family identified as Geo shared a video of the customised tombstone on TikTok and this got netizens emotional....READ FULL ARTICLE

Theresa Sifaga, Manukau Memorial Gardens, New Zealand, phone-shaped tombstone.

In a post attached to the video, Geo explained that the deceased was extra like that, but that it’s the messages on it that actually matters.

“The phone is just something she used a lot the messages on it are what actually matter. My sister was extra like that too so why wouldn’t we make her headstone in the same way,” Geo wrote.

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Geo added that anyone who comes across the phone-themed headstone at Manukau Memorial Gardens, New Zealand should know it’s from them.
Heartwarming messages on the phone-themed tombstone

Like normal phone text messages, three separate messages from Theresa’s mum, dad and four siblings were affixed on the tombstone.

“Thinking of you Sweetheart, just like I do everyday. I miss and love you my lil Angel,” a touching message edited to her dad reads.

Her dad’s message was followed by another credited to her mum which reads:

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“The memory of your little hand holding mine brings a warm glow to my heart. I miss you my beautiful daughter.”

And her siblings Geoffrey, Giovanni, Nathaniel and Siena’s joint message went thus:

“Hi Resa, we miss you more than words could explain, thank you for being the best sister/roommate anybody could ever ask for, until we meet again, We love you.”

Theresa was born in 2003 and died in August 2018, according to the inscription on the tombstone.

Watch the video below:


Gen Z headstones 💀 if you see this at the Manukau Memorial Gardens, it was us 🤪🤣

♬ original sound – Timbaland

Social media reactions

lisa said:

“It would be amazing if you could do this, and it still get messages.”

TonetteSmit said:

“I’m so sorry for your sister I hope you come back for God.”

Good Mourning Grief Podcast said:

“We’re so sorry for your loss. This is so unique, and a lovely idea.”

ariannabolster268 said:

“Where did you get that headstone?? I’m currently looking for one for my mom.”

Ra_house said:

“You couldn’t even make it full battery did you least make it water proof ?”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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