Reno Omokri Takes a Stand – Urges FCT Minister to Prosecute and Deport Racist Chinese Supermarket Operators in Abuja

Nigerian social commentator and activist Reno Omokri has called for the prosecution and deportation of the operators of a Chinese supermarket in Abuja, which was recently shut down by the Federal Competition and Consumer and Protection Commission (FCCPC) for its racist policy of not allowing Nigerians to shop there....READ FULL ARTICLE

This development has sparked outrage among Nigerians, with Omokri urging the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, to take a strong stance against the racist behavior displayed by the store’s management.

The Chinese supermarket, located within the China General Chamber of Commerce in the FCT, was closed on Monday, April 22, after reports surfaced that Nigerians were not allowed to shop at the establishment.

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During an FCCPC officials’ visit to the store, the Chinese woman managing the store, Cindy Liu Bei, reportedly fled the scene along with her family, as captured on CCTV footage.

Reacting to this incident, Omokri took to X to express his strong stance against the racist behavior exhibited by the store’s management.

He called for the prosecution and deportation of the operators, emphasizing that simply sealing the supermarket is not enough.

Omokri further urged Minister Nyesom Wike to show his “notorious bullish tendencies” on the Chinese racists and not only reserve such traits for Governor Sim Fubara.

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According to Boladale Adeyinka, the Director of Surveillance and Investigation at FCCPC, the shopping outlet’s owner had absconded before the agency’s team arrived.

Adeyinka confirmed that the supermarket will remain sealed if its owner fails to appear before the commission tribunal.

Nigerians have expressed their outrage on social media platforms, demanding that the government take a strong stand against the discriminatory practices of the Chinese supermarket.

This incident has brought to light the broader issue of racism and discrimination against Nigerians in their own country, with many calling for stricter laws and regulations to protect the rights and dignity of Nigerian citizens.

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As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the Nigerian government will respond to the call for justice and accountability.

The case has also raised questions about the responsibility of foreign businesses operating in Nigeria to respect the rights and dignity of Nigerian citizens, as well as the need for stronger legal and regulatory frameworks to prevent discriminatory practices in the country....READ FULL ARTICLE

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