My Mom Made Me a PROSTITUTE and Left a Curse That Has Destroyed My Life Till Date and She Is – Lady Narrates In Tears (Watch Video)

Maria (not her real name) has painfully narrated how her mother made her a prostitute, and as if that is not enough, she left a curse before she died which destroyed her life....READ FULL ARTICLE

She was born and raised in Meru by a single mother. According to her, the mother used to brew illicit brews and consumed them herself. She hated her and would insult her all the time.

She dropped out of school while in form two after her sponsors died. She stayed with her mother but had no peace. She remembers a day when her mother told her that she would end up being a prostitute and would never be able to help herself.

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She relocated to Nairobi where she was employed as a maid. While there, she met a man and later moved into his house after conceiving. Her husband was a drunkard and would beat her up. She endured all that since she knew her mother would kick her out if she went back home.

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She loved her mother despite the way she was treating her. She would send her money and whenever she got any, she could buy shopping and visit her. But after a week, her mother would start insulting her.

She rented a small house after her husband started threatening to kill her. Her mother later died, and after the burial, her husband took the kids from her. A lady connected her with a man who needed a waitress. Upon arrival, she was taken to a hotel, and a man was brought to sleep with her.

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That is how she became a prostitute, and according to her, she has never been able to do anything for herself. She urges parents to bless their children instead of cursing them.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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