My Husband Used To Wake Me With Hot Slaps Because He Thought I Was Doing This

A sad woman came out to narrate how she met a man on Facebook and fell in love with him. After meeting for the first time, she concluded to have found the love of her life....READ FULL ARTICLE

Acting blindly, she organised for a wedding which was purely funded by her. However, things started going sour after the man started to display his violent behaviors one week after the wedding.

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In one occasion, he woke her up with slaps just because she had changed her phone password. According to him, the lady had started to cheat.

“On that Friday night, I was awoken by his slaps again. I tried explaining that I only changed the phone password because my sister, who lived with us, has access to it. He was insisting that I was cheating on him.” She narrated.

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According to her the slaps and violence exceeded and in a different occasion he wanted to hurt her son with a table. Despite of involving her parents in the matter, the relationship continued to go sour.

She ended up leaving and now regrets being involved with a stranger. What are your thoughts on this matter? let me know on the comment section.

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I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section, as this experience has left me grappling with the complexities of love, trust, and the dangers of acting impulsively in matters of the heart....READ FULL ARTICLE

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