JUST IN – Governor Oborevwori Launches Committee For Rehabilitation Of Displaced Okuama Community

During the inauguration held in Asaba, Governor Oborevwori emphasized the importance of carefully planning the resettlement and rehabilitation efforts for the innocent citizens affected by the crisis in Okuama....READ FULL ARTICLE

“While we strongly condemn the tragic incident that led to the loss of lives among our brave soldiers, we are equally committed to minimizing the impact on the innocent residents of Okuama,” Governor Oborevwori stated.

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He highlighted the urgent need to establish a committee dedicated to coordinating the resettlement and rehabilitation process for the displaced people, ensuring their swift return to normalcy.

Addressing the committee members, Governor Oborevwori stressed the significance of their role and urged them to approach the task with a sense of urgency and responsibility.

“We must demonstrate the highest degree of love and responsibility towards our people. That is the least we can do for them,” the governor emphasized.

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In response, the chairman of the committee, Abraham Ogbodo, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and pledged to fulfill their duties diligently.

He assured the governor and the people of Delta State that the committee would work transparently and selflessly to address the humanitarian crisis in Okuama.

The committee, led by veteran journalist Mr. Abraham Ogbodo as Chairman and Chief Austin Emaduku as Secretary, comprises esteemed individuals with a track record of service to the community. Their collective efforts aim to alleviate the suffering of the displaced residents and facilitate their smooth reintegration into society....READ FULL ARTICLE

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