EXCLUSIVE – Organisation empowers 1800 students against negative peer pressure

As part of concerted efforts to fortify the youths against societal pressures as well as negative peer influence, diverse programmes have been specifically streamlined to cultivate a habit of resilience and empower teenagers for success....READ FULL ARTICLE

And one of such efforts is the sensitisation and empowerment project put in place by the Survivor Empowerment and Counselling Centre (SECC) to empower 1800 students to conquer societal pressures and negative peer influence by shaping resilient and successful mindset in them.

The two weeks programme tagged ‘Securing the Future’ commenced on April 17 and will run till April 30 across six local government areas in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital is put in place in recognition of the pivotal role of adolescence in shaping future generations, stakeholders across communities are implementing strategies aimed at ensuring a resilient and prosperous tomorrow.

The chairperson of SECC, Adekanbi Temilade, who is a prominent voice in youth development, emphasised the crucial role of educators and parents in securing the future of teenagers, reiterating the importance of fostering open communication and promoting a supportive environment to empower teenagers to overcome challenges and thrive


“The need to create a platform for such communication channels brought about the programme, “securing the future,” she said.

Speaking on the essence of the programme, she explained that “we gather here to address the critical issue of securing the future of our dear students.

As we all know, the adolescent phase is a crucial period when young minds explore their potential, face challenges, and make decisions that shape their lives. Hence, it is imperative that we equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to navigate this journey successfully.

“At Survivor Empowerment and Counselling Centre, we zealously believe in empowering the youth and providing them with a safe space for growth. We understand that counseling plays a pivotal role in nurturing resilience, fostering psychological well-being, and ultimately contributing to a brighter future.

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Through this program, SECC aims to extend our expertise, reach out to senior secondary schools, and offer guidance to these young individuals as they embark on their path towards success.

The journey of putting this event together has been an arduous yet rewarding one. We began by seeking approval from the Oyo State Ministry of Education, who recognized the significance of our initiative and graciously granted us permission.

However, we encountered numerous challenges along the way, from logistical hurdles to sourcing the necessary resources and experts. Nevertheless, through sheer determination and the unwavering support of our team, we overcame these obstacles and managed to create a well-rounded programme that caters to the holistic development of our students.

“Today marks the first day of this event, and it fills me with immense joy to see the culmination of our efforts. We are immensely grateful to our sponsors, whose generous support made this event possible.

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I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the speakers from the Guidance and Counselling department, University of Ibadan, TESCOM, the Ministry of Education, the SECC team, and the dedicated representatives from the NDLEA and EFCC, the school authorities for their invaluable contributions to this programme.

Your support and commitment are instrumental in ensuring the success of this event and the positive impact it will have on the lives of our students,” she said.

Also speaking, Dr. Ibrahim Lawal from the University of Ibadan and other guest speakers at the programme highlighted the importance of safeguarding teenagers from illicit drug usage, cyberbullying, and other harmful behaviors.

They stressed that the need for teenagers to develop healthy relationships with digital platforms, emphasising responsible usage, adding that, by investing in the well-being and development of teenagers, the Survivor Empowerment and Counseling (SECC) is laying the foundation for a future characterized by strength, empathy and innovation.…READ FULL ARTICLE 

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