BREAKING: Nigerians blast Hausa people over planned installation of Garkuwan Hausawan Benin

Nigerians have condemned the planned turbaning of a Garkuwan Hausawan Benin in Edo State. The planned turbaning received widespread condemnation from Nigerians, who described the act as an aberration and an affront to the Oba of Benin and the Benin Kingdom....READ FULL ARTICLE

Chronicle Ng reports that the Benin Traditional Council has opposed the planned installation of one Alhaji Danjuma Garba Binkola as the “Garkuwan Hausawan Benin” by one Alhaji Adamu Isah Adamu.

A letter dated April 18, 2024, titled “denunciation of plan to hold a turbaning ceremony in Benin City,” was signed by Chief Sam Igbe, Iyase of Benin Kingdom, on behalf of the Benin Traditional Council.

The letter, submitted to the Edo State Director of the Department of State Security (DSS), said that Alhaji Adamu Isah Adamu referred to himself as “His Royal Highness.”

According to Igbe, the turbaning ritual would take place on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at No. 7 Butcher Street, off Mission Road in Benin City.

The Iyase of Benin stated that the scheduled turbaning ceremony was an unacceptable attempt to defile the hallowed Benin Traditional and Customary Law on Chieftaincy Matters, with unfavourable ramifications for law and order in the state.

According to him, the Benin Traditional Council (BTC) has been notified that an individual claiming to be “His Royal Highness Alh. Adamu Isah Adamu” and identifying as “Sarkin Hausawa” intends to perform a turbaning ceremony on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at No. 7 Butcher Street, Off Mission Road, Benin City, in which one “Alh. Danjuma Garba Binkola” will be installed as “Garkuwan Hausawa Benin” at No. 7 Butcher Street, Off Mission Road, Benin City.

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“The BTC hereby informs the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies as well as the general public that this planned event is a violation of Benin Traditional and Customary Law applicable to chieftaincy matters and therefore must not hold under any circumstances.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the BTC wishes to emphasise that as the Prescribed Authority on Chieftaincy Matters within the Seven Local Government Areas of Edo South Senatorial District, the Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, His Royal Majesty Ewuare II, Oba of Benin has not given consent to or approved the turbaning or conferment of chieftaincy title by whatever name called on any individual by the name “Alh. Danjuma Garba Binkola”; or permitted any person by the name “His Royal Highness Alh. Adamu Isah Adamu” to hold any such ceremony in Benin City or any other part of Edo South Senatorial District, Edo State,” he said.

He did, however, ask everyone involved in the planned turbaning ceremony to avoid violating the sanctity of Benin Traditional and Customary Law by cancelling the planned turban immediately.

Reacting to the news of the planned turbanning, Ighodaro Osayemwenre notes that “the Hausas have no heritage in Edo state or Edo land; any move to install a Hausa traditional ruler in Edo state is a taboo and a sabotage. Whoever does that is an enemy of the Edo people. Such a move must be resisted and stopped now and forever.”

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Nwalozie Newton described the decision of the Benin Traditional Council as a “wise decision by Edo people. They should not give them that chance if they want the Benin kingdom to exist.”

Eunice Chibundu urged the people of the Niger Delta to resist such attempts by the Hausas. Arguing that they always have clandestine intentions.

“Resist the Caliphate from the Niger Delta, as you’re the main target for the huge oil deposits in your land and ocean. Shettima is looking forward to achieving a lot before leaving office, as Buhari has laid the foundation to push Southern Nigerians. Eyes on their games to exploit as much from all,” Chibundu noted.

Paul Zyno also noted that it is “a commendable move. They start slowly like this; before you know it, they will claim it has become their conquered territory.” I support the Oba on this. There’s always an ulterior motive behind these traditional titles,”.

Kiletieni Edogi argued that “other traditional authorities should take note; this their request is a trap for South-South and the Southeast. We should understand the plan of the North to own Nigeria, as they say, if some set of them can come up and say the oil in the Niger Delta belongs to them in the North.”

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Okoro Nonso opined that the “Oba of Benin is enough for Edo State. The Fulani hegemony should go to their vast land and practice their kingship. Of course, they can live peacefully in Edo under the great Oba of Benin. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Chijioke Okorie condemned the decision to install a Huasa monarch in the kingdom, noting that it would lead to widespread terrorism in the state.

“They will tell you Hausawa, but at the end they will impose one Fulani terrorist from across the border as the leader. They use Hausa to deceive you, folks. Fulanization using Islam, the North, and Hausa as their tools.”

Peter Okoye also argued that “it is actually a Fulani leader. You know, when they want to fool people and push their agenda, they use the name Hausa or North, but it’s actually Fulani.”

For Odafhe Eddy, he urged every part of the state to follow suit and jettison any planned installation of a Hausa monarch in the state. Odafhe stated that “other parts of the state must ensure this decision is affirmed everywhere in Edo.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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