Akpabio, Kalu Counter Police IG Agbetokun, Call For Speedy Creation Of State Police

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, on Monday countered the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, calling for speedy action to establish state police....READ FULL ARTICLE

Both opposed the Police IG when they made their presentations at the National Dialogue on State Policing in Abuja after the IG had said Nigeria was not ripe for devolving police powers to states.

Speaking at the event, the Inspector-General of Police said, “It is the submission of the leadership of the Nigeria police force that Nigeria is yet to mature and ready for the establishment of state-controlled police.”

However, Akpabio countered the IG in his submission stating that, “If we set up state police departments, we must ensure that they are free from the shackles of politics, religious extremism, tribalism, and ethnicism. We must empower them to serve and protect, without fear or favour.”

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“We gather here today to deliberate on the way forward, to explore new horizons, and to chart a path towards a brighter, greater and safer future for all Nigerians.

“In the face of insecurity, adversity and uncertainty, it is our duty to see above the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. It is our duty to be the architects of change, the catalysts for progress, and the guardians of hope.”

Represented by his Deputy, Senator Barau Jibrin, Akpabio said, “Today, we stand at a crossroads, where the decisions we make will shape the destiny of our nation.

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“Today, we have the power to transform our security architecture and create a Nigeria where every citizen feels safe and protected, regardless of his or her status, religion, tribe, location or background.

“To reform the country’s security architecture, Nigeria must build a security architecture that is robust, transparent, and accountable, where right is upheld, justice is served, and the rule of law prevails, like other climes, Let us learn from their experiences and adapt their models to suit our unique socio-political context.”

“Let us ensure that our state police forces work in harmony with their federal counterparts, collaborating to fight crime, preserve peace, and safeguard our democracy.

“In the USA, the FBI, the federal police body enforces federal laws and the state police departments enforce state laws. The FBI also investigates inter-state crimes.

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“We must draw the lines because to have functional state police we must have a strong federal police. But let us never forget that the power of the state police should never be used as a tool of oppression.

“Let us ensure that political powers cannot manipulate the state police to silence dissent or target their enemies.

“Let us ensure that the influential do not exert undue influence over the state. police, and that justice is blind to wealth, power, politics, or status. Let us build a system that is fair, just, and equitable for all.

“Therefore, in this hallowed hall, let us embrace this dialogue as an opportunity for unity, understanding, and collaboration.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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