NORTHERN Elders Bow, Denies Attacking Tinubu After Josef Onoh Lists President’s Remarkable Achievements, Key Appointments In The North By Adesoji OMOSEBI

The Minister of State for Defence Bello Matawalle and the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, like Josef Onoh condemned the position of NEF regretting supporting Tinubu’s presidency in 2023 election and for saying it will withdraw its support in 2027 but have now chicken out from their earlier stance....READ FULL ARTICLE

It is good to note that the trio Matawalle, Ribadu and Onoh are unrepentant and diehard supporters of Tinubu’s administration and this they have not hidden from public domain unlike others who are still sitting on the fence who are difficult to know where they stand.

At one time or the other, Matawalle has received attacks as a result of his opposition to the stand of the NEF calling them a ‘burden’ and ‘paperweight’ that do not represent the voice or interest of the North.

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Onoh stands out for hitting the NEF where it matters most that actually forced them to make a public statement renouncing their earlier position on Tinubu’s administration.

THE Northern Elders Forum, NEF, in twist of events finally reacted to the attacks on it for withdrawing its support for President Bola Tinubu’s administration and vowing not to vote him in 2027 Presidential elections.

NEF in their reaction, bowed and denied that Tinubu has not done anything in the North to warrant his Second Term in office, this was after Dr. Josef Onoh took upon himself to itemize remarkable achievements and strategic appointments Tinubu made in the North at the expense of the Southeast.

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Onoh equally mentioned how elites in the North are adverse to the development of the region by not giving any attention and support to the plight of the Almajiris by denying them quality education to perpetuate themselves in power.

In its reaction, the Northern Elders Forum, NEF distanced from the statement credited to it that it regretted voting Tinubu as the President.

The statement reads:

When contacted, the former President Tinubu’s Southeast Spokesman and current Chairman of Forum of Former Members of Enugu State House of Assembly (FOF-MENHA), Dr. Josef Onoh said, politics aside, he will always hold the Northern Elders in highest esteem because they are our elders.

Onoh expressed his reservations on the protests of NEF against alleged killings of cows in the southeast.

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He condemned it in its entirety the allegations of killings of cows by Eastern Security Networks, ESN.

He called on the Chairman of Ohanaeze, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu who is a pan-Nigerian to meet with the Northern Elders to put a lasting solution to the lingering crisis among the major ethnic nationalities including the Afenifere in the Southwest over cattle attacks on farmlands and killings of farmers by the cattle rearers.

Onoh added that Southeast have also been complaining about gross damages done to their farms by the cattles, despite this, our elders whom I know meant well for the unity and peace of Nigeria should come together to foster togetherness for the sake of generations yet unborn....READ FULL ARTICLE

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