Nigerian man cancels wedding, 6-year relationship with girlfriend to marry lady of his dreams, her best friend

A Nigerian lady‘s face swells from excessive crying after her boyfriend of 6 years breaks up with her a few weeks before their wedding, revealing he plans to marry her best friend....READ FULL ARTICLE

The social media post includes a caption from the lady, detailing her experience:

“After dating for 6 years and planning our marriage, suddenly, after 2 weeks, he came back and said the marriage is cancelled because he found the lady of his dreams.”

“I never knew it was my best friend he was planning to marry all this while. I couldn’t sleep, I begged him, but he refused.”

Her statement and revelation have generated attention on social media, with many individuals sharing their thoughts in the comments.

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See some reactions below:

Cyprian esther:

“But Wetin u do my sister 😩truth be told we girls no Dey hear😩and our character sometimes is not encouraging 😭but the guy no try oo.”


“Today marks exactly two years of 💔He left me to marry the lady he claim to be his ex when I was three months.” pregnant: “And today is his birthday too, Be strong and prayerful, God will give you a husb.”


“And u will know this disappointment was actually a blessing for u, just heal becos d best is on its way in Jesus name..Amen.”

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pretty Queen:

“first find out if she used juju on him …if no move on my God will bring a better man for u…. Amen.”


“You girls should learn to walk away from people, from guys that don’t care about you, there’s more to life than just one man, give yourself a chance to meet new people, enjoy life.”


“My condition now after 4years wey we don dey plan say we wan marry he just scattered everything 🥺I don cry tire.”

Esse Blessing:

“clean your eyes because he’s not God’s choice for you. you will thank God later because this best man is on his way to you. move on. block them.”

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“This is a prayer you made that God answered but you wouldn’t know😩 don’t worry mama, you gonna scale through the hurt in no time, explore more and focus on bettering yourself🥰 God will help you heal.”

Charlotte Finila:

“This issue of best friends getting married to their friends fiancee is getting too much. be careful with friends theses days.”...READ FULL ARTICLE



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