My Dad Had Many Side-chicks, But My Mother Didn’t Complain For The Sake Of Her Children -Man Said

Nollywood actor Fuad Adigun has revealed some of the relationship lessons he learned from his late mother, while also stating how she managed to endure when his father had some girlfriends while still married to his mother....READ FULL ARTICLE

In a video that was posted on the official YouTube channel of Biola Adebayo Entertainment on the program Talktob5000, he disclosed that his father had many side-chicks but that her mother did not complain about it for the sake of her children.

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In his statement, he said, “I learned a lot of things from my mother that made me understand that a wife is the owner of the house in marriage.

“We have individual differences, but men are silly in nature, just that the level of silliness in us is different from each other.

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“ My mom is late now, she died 14 years ago, and I have to give kudos to her because she had a lot of endurance, and if not for that, she wouldn’t have been able to hold on to her marriage with my father.

“My dad had many side-chicks, but my mother didn’t complain for the sake of her children.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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