JUST IN – FCCPC Seals Abuja Chinese Supermarket Where Nigerians Are Not Allowed To Shop

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has sealed a Chinese supermarket in Abuja, Royal Choice, for reportedly refusing to serve Nigerian customers....READ FULL ARTICLE

Royal Choice, located at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road, is known for its Chinese food and beverages.

Concerns arose last Saturday when it was discovered that the supermarket only permitted Chinese patrons.

In a viral video, an Abuja resident recounted being denied entry into the supermarket because he was Nigerian.

“There is this Chinese restaurant I saw online. They have food, ramen and other things. So, I wanted to check it out and when I got there the security guard told me the supermarket is strictly for Chinese people. If you are a Nigerian, you can’t go in and can’t buy anything,” he said.

Responding to the incident, FCCPC officials visited the premises on Monday and sealed the supermarket after questioning Nigerian employees.

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The workers also revealed that the supermarket owner, a Chinese lady, Cindy Liu Bei, fled with her family earlier that day, as confirmed on the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera.

The FCCPC subsequently shut down the supermarket and directed Bei to attend an investigative hearing and provide necessary documents.

The commission summoned the owner to an investigative hearing “to testify, make dispositions and present evidence with respect to the commission’s ongoing investigation/inquiry”.

FCCPC also directed the supermarket to produce and provide its Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) status report showing the details of all directors as well as “any and all lease agreement”.

“Take notice that you are required to attend in person in compliance Summons. You are further required to produce and provide the above on or before Wednesday, April 24, 2024,” FCCPC wrote.

“Take further notice that failure to comply with this Summons to offence under Section 33 (3) of the FCCPA, and subject to penalties Million Naira (N20,000,000.00), or a term of imprisonment up to three years, or to both penalties and imprisonment.”

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Boladale Adeyinka, Director for Surveillance and Investigation at FCCPC, confirmed the owner’s departure and emphasized the seriousness of the investigation.

She said, “The essence of the surveillance and investigation that we conducted today is to verify the allegations and the content of that viral video.

“On arrival, we noticed that the supermarket which is right behind me, was sealed and padlocked externally. Inquiries have shown that yes, as this morning this supermarket was open and people were here.

“CCTV footage also shows that in the morning, two vehicles departed from these very premises allegedly containing the owner of the supermarket, whom we have been able to identify by name and we have her contact details.”

Adeyinka stated that if Bei fails to respond to the summons, the premises will remain sealed until she cooperates with the commission.

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“Now the summons of course since she’s not around and the place is locked, is to serve notice on her to appear before the federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission by Wednesday.

“There are other regulatory tools to be deployed, if she fails to attend to this summon. The summons means that on entering into these premises they must see the summon because that is how they gain access to it”, she said.

She added that if the Chinese owner fails to attend to the summon which is a lawful inquiry, the mandate of the commission under its powers will seal the premises until she comes to the commission, meaning that the place will remain locked until she appears before the commission.

The FCCPC officials subsequently sealed the supermarket pending Bei’s compliance with the commission’s directives.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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