“I dress and dance like a woman to make money”— Arrested crossdresser pleads

A male crossdresser has pleaded for mercy from the Nigerian police force who arrested him at a club. While being interrogated by the police, he had revealed that his name is Victor and is from Abia....READ FULL ARTICLE

He confesses to dressing like a woman so he could make money. He said he is a dancer who performs in clubs and parties. Victor begs the Nigerian police to forgive and pardon him as he did all those to feed himself.

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The interrogators ordered him to put off his female clothes and fake curves he had on. He did so reluctantly amidst pleas.

Netizens were amused by the whole charade and claim they could not tell him apart from a female as his appearance and carriage is like that of a woman.

They wonder why he was arrested as crossdressing is not a crime under the Nigerian constitution.

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Others state that nothing is shocking to them any longer as Nigeria’s strait economy calls for strait measures. People do worse to survive and they do not arrest them.

Netizens state that the government should free Victor and focus on more demanding tasks....READ FULL ARTICLE

See his video below:


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