I Regret SLEEPING’ With My Caretaker Who Has A Family Because I Could Not Afford To Pay Rent (Watch Video)

Ann (not her real name) has shared her deep secret where she revealed that she slept with her caretaker, who has his own family, just because she didn’t have money to pay her rent and was not ready to go back to her parents’ home....READ FULL ARTICLE

She is a student, and according to her, she lives a few kilometers from her parents’ home. One day, she failed to pay her rent due to a lack of money since she had just lost her side hustle job.

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She had tried to ask her family and friends to help her pay the rent, but no one came through for her. She was not ready to go back to her parents’ home since she was not on good terms with her mother.

According to her, her mother always fights her while in their home, the reason why she opted to rent her own house. The caretaker had asked her to vacate, but since she had nowhere to go, she begged him to allow her to stay, promising to pay him.

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After a few weeks, the caretaker went into her house and asked her to sleep with him in order to allow her to stay in that house. Since then, the caretaker goes into her house almost every day and demands her to sleep with him.

She is afraid because his wife might know, and that would be the end of her living in that house. She stated that she cannot get into a relationship since the caretaker sleeps with her always. She regrets her decision, but there is nothing she can do about it since she has not yet been able to secure a job.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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