Mortuary Attendant Narrates Pain of Preparing Bodies of School Pupils Who Died in Road Accident

Malia shared he was broken and in agony as he attended to the eight bodies of the primary school pupils who died in an accident. A kind-hearted man also lost his life while trying to save the innocent souls who were involved in the accident in Arusha, Tanzania...READ FULL ARTICLE

Malia said one kid reminded him of his child, as she was as light-skin as her and was called like his daughter. A mortuary assistant has opened up about his painful experience preparing the bodies of children who died in a road accident .

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Malia said he attended to the eight bodies of the primary school pupils who died in Arusha, Tanzania and, another body of a man. The good Samaritan lost his life when trying to save the primary school children who were in a school van.

Speaking to KUSAGA TV, Malia expressed his heartfelt sorrow for the young lives that were lost in the accident.

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Malia noted he attended to all bodies throughout the night, working closely with his doctor, who assisted him.

Earlier, Kenyatta University students on an academic trip to Mombasa were involved in a tragic accident in the Maungu area along the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

The bus, reportedly hit on the left side by a trailer, had carried 58 passengers, including a security officer. 10 students were reported to have died on the spot, while one succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at a health facility in Voi....READ FULL ARTICLE

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