Married Men SLEEP’ with House Helps Because Of This Reason and Their Wives Don’t Know – Lady Exposed Marriaged Man

In most marriages today, many people tend to hire house helps to help them with house chores, but this doesn’t go well with some married couples since the man in the house finds himself in a relationship with the house girl without the wife’s knowledge....READ FULL ARTICLE

Speaking on NTV today, Kadzo, a counselor in most relationship issues, cited the main reasons why a married man may end up falling in love with the house help despite the fact they all live under one roof.


Most married women tend to leave every house chore with the house help. For instance, a man may be away on a business trip and come home late at night.

The house help is forced to wake up and warm his food while the wife is sleeping. With the good-looking nightdress, the man may end up falling for her and go to an extent further of sleeping with her.

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On another occasion, married women whose husbands fall for house help don’t know how to dress appealingly. This may make the husband find the house help more attractive than his wife. To avoid such scenarios, she advised women in marriage to look attractive before their husbands.

Contradicting with her, another woman said that a husband cannot go outside, no matter how bad the situation may look. She said that a gentleman will be there for his wife and cannot fall for temptations even if he is left in one room with the good-looking house help....READ FULL ARTICLE

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