Prof Adibe “Iran Has Fired 300 Ballistic Missiles, But Israel Has Been Able To Deactivate 99% Of Them”

Professor Jideofor Adibe, an expert on international issues, has uncovered a stunning development in the current hostilities between Iran and Israel. Adibe claims that Iran fired 300 ballistic missiles at Israel in retribution for what it believed to be an Israeli raid on its consulate in Damascus, which left 13 people dead....READ FULL ARTICLE

Despite the scale of the attack, Israel reportedly managed to deactivate a staggering 99% of the incoming missiles, showcasing the effectiveness of its defensive capabilities.

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Speaking in an interview with Arise TV’s ThisDay programme, Adibe emphasised that Israel’s strategy involves preemptive strikes against perceived threats, suggesting that the Israelis may be leveraging Iran’s attack to degrade Iran’s military capabilities.

The attack unleashed by Iran resulted in explosions being heard in cities across Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Air raid sirens blared in over 720 locations as Israeli forces scrambled to intercept and shoot down the projectiles.

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The intensity of the situation depicts the volatile nature of the ongoing conflict between Iran and Israel, with each side engaging in aggressive actions and retaliations.

Professor Adibe said, “The key drivers of Israeli policy have been preemptive strikes. If they discover that you are developing a capability that will hurt them in the future, they attack preemptively to destroy that capability.

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“On April 1st, Israel mistakenly attacked Damascus and killed some revolutionary guard members.

“And Iran said at that time that they were going to retaliate, and everybody knew they would.

“So this is retaliation for that attack. Iran has fired 300 ballistic missiles, but Israel has been able to deactivate 99% of them. Only one person, a girl, was hurt, and she has been taken to the hospital.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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