Very Dark Man calls out Reno Omokri for allegedly attempting to suppress his brother’s r**e case

Vincent Otse, who is popularly known as Very Dark Man took to Instagram to call out popular blogger and activist Reno Omokri, for allegedly trying to cover up his brother’s r**e case....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Very Dark Man, he had received a distress call from a friend about a r**e case. From the information gathered, it was alleged that Reno Omokri’s brother, who happens to be a Pastor had r***d a fifteen-year-old girl inside his church.

Very Dark Man stated that the incidence took place in April 2023, and the mother of the girl didn’t inform the father until this year. However, the mother of the girl had taken the matter to court.

At some point in his video, Very Dark Man said he has been aware of the case for a while now, but he was waiting for the parents to speak up. When the father of the girl spoke up, Very Dark Man took that as his cue to follow up the case.

Reno Omokri came into the picture, when it alleged that he had tried to cover up the case, and the judges on the maters were also compromised.

Very Dark Man also made mention of the fact that Reno Omokri had posted his own daughter earlier, and he tried to link the post with the issue at hand.

Also, Very Dark Man stated that he was aware of Reno Omokri’s connections in high places, and this time around, it would be his connections against the entire Nigeria. Oh

He ended the video by saying that he would get lawyers to do the needful and pay them out of his own pocket so that they can pursue the case.

Reno Omokri is yet to respond to Very Dark Man, and that may raise some eyebrows, since he’s known for being outspoken online....READ FULL ARTICLE

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