TRUE LIFE STORY: My Daughter Who Is A Pastor Asked His Dad To Kick Me Out Claiming That I Am A Witch- Woman Narrates

A middle-aged woman who is in her 70s Painfully narrated how her second-born daughter who is a pastor ended her marriage after inciting her father to divorce her because she is a witch....READ FULL ARTICLE

She met her husband in 1970 got married and gave birth to several children. According to her, she has suffered in that marriage since her husband one time left her for 10 years and married a widow from Kitui.

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According to her, her husband used to take men to their homestead to perform some rituals whenever one would get sick. When her second-born child completed her primary education, they were not able to pay for her secondary education.

She ran away from home her mother went to search for her but upon arrival, she realized that her daughter had married an old woman

who was a witch. She went back and prayed for her daughter to leave that marriage.

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After one year, she returned home and secured a job in Nairobi and later got married to another man who took her back to school. After her secondary school, she studied theology and became a pastor.

According to her, the daughter would visit false prophets and ask them whether her mother was a witch just because she was able to separate her from the old man who was a witch.

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The second-born daughter would then tell her siblings that their mother is a witch and she intends to kill their dad. Some of her siblings stopped talking to her mother and her father Kicked her out. In the village, no one wants to associate with her since her family has said that she is a witch....READ FULL ARTICLE

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