Junior Pope’s Children Come To Realize the truth” See What His Children Were Found Doing Days After His Sudden Demise

A recent video of Junior Pope’s children has emerged online, showing them visibly upset despite the efforts of adults around them to cheer them up. It’s worth noting that Junior Pope’s wife has reportedly remained unconscious since learning about her husband’s passing....READ FULL ARTICLE

In the video, two elderly women were seen trying to comfort the children of Junior Pope and making sure they don’t feel the absence of their father who is dead nor their mother who is allegedly unconscious.

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Trust Nigerians as many reacted to the video, see reactions;@Love, Chaii I wish is a dream hmmmm.

God is on your side lovely children is well. May God console this family and other departed souls.@Ola, “They Know Their Father Is Dead”.

In another news, another Nigerian actor Kanayo Kanayo sparked conversations on social media platforms. Junior Pope’s sudden demise sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, deeply affecting many of his colleagues.

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In response, Kanayo Kanayo took to his official Instagram page to pay homage to the late actor and others who lost their lives in the recent accident.

Expressing his grief, Kanayo questioned why such deaths occurred, suggesting that if the Nigerian entertainment industry implemented necessary safety measures, such tragedies could be prevented.

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Kanayo highlighted the importance of having preventive measures in place. He emphasized the need for the entertainment sector to prioritize safety protocols to avoid similar heartbreaking incidents in the future....READ FULL ARTICLE

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