I Woke Up And Found Myself In Mortuary, They Had Already Started My Burial Plans – Josiah (Video)

Josiah from Nyandarua has narrated how he woke up and found himself in the mortuary after he ate food that was prepared by his wife. They had already started with burial plans....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Josiah, he married a girl who was employed at their home. His father gave them land in Kinangop to build, and they moved and built a house, starting to live together as husband and wife.

After a while, he found a job in a school as a cook, and that’s when his wife started cheating on him with another man.

He claims that he found that man in his house, and after confronting her, she ran away for three days. Then she came back and pretended to be nice to him, and he thought that everything was okay.


He says that his wife had come with cooked food, so she served him, but when he was halfway, he felt dizzy and went to the bedroom. That’s when his wife left with the kids, leaving all doors opened.

He says that a friend of his who had visited their house was the one who told him that he found all the doors opened. When he peeked into his bedroom, he found him lying with foam on his mouth. He called neighbors who took him to the hospital, and upon arriving, he was declared dead.

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Josiah says that when he woke up, he found himself in the mortuary in a freezer, and when he tried to squeeze himself out, a mortuary attendant heard him trying to get out and he ran away screaming, calling a doctor. He was taken to the theater, and the doctors confirmed that it was food poisoning.

He says that his family had already started planning his burial, and when he called them to tell them that he was alive, they were shocked and rushed to the hospital to confirm.

He stayed in the hospital for three weeks, and during this time, his wife managed to sell his land and she ran away with the kids, and up to now, he has never seen her.

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After he was discharged, he was shocked to go to his home and found another person, so he was taken to his mother’s house until he recovered. He decided to go and rent a house where he has been staying, and life has not been easy.

He has urged couples to always know and read red flags before it’s too late or they end up in a situation like what happened to him....READ FULL ARTICLE

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