I Swear To Never Give Birth Again After My Two Daughters Died After Birth The Pain Was Unbearable – Lady Cries Out (Videos)

Pauline, who currently resides in America, has painfully narrated how the pain of losing two kids a few hours after giving birth made her vow not to give birth again....READ FULL ARTICLE

After Pauline completed her nursing course, she got married and conceived her first child. She delivered her first child safely in a Mater hospital.

When she conceived her second child, she was overjoyed, and when she went to the hospital to give birth, she even told her son that he was going to be a big brother soon.

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She had some complications which made the doctor suggest a c-section. When she woke up, she requested the nurse to bring her child to breastfeed, but they kept telling her to wait. They broke the sad news to her husband who came and broke the news to her.

Pauline was heartbroken and cried a lot. They had to show the body of her child for her to believe. She went home heartbroken, wanting to forget the pain. She conceived again for the child to replace the pain and booked for an elective c-section.

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When she woke up, she found her child had died. The baby had a heart problem. During that time, Kenya had not done a heart surgery. The doctors communicated with the doctors from South Africa, but there were no solutions other than flying the baby there.

After she woke up, the baby was also dead. She went home empty-handed. She was depressed and vowed not to give birth again. She has urged women to be thankful whenever they go home with their children from the hospital....READ FULL ARTICLE

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