My Husband Pulled Out My Hair to Destroy My Beauty and Left Me Bankrupt; I Regret… – Lady Cries Out for Advice (Video)

Cate has painfully narrated how she has suffered at the hands of her husband. She narrated how abusive he was, to an extent of pulling out her hair, leaving her front part of the head bald. He went ahead and took away her multimillion business, leaving her with nothing....READ FULL ARTICLE

Cate got married to the love of her life, whom she had met in Nairobi where she was working. At first, the marriage was good. Immediately after delivering her firstborn child, her husband started having extramarital affairs. He could have a relationship with the single ladies in the neighborhood.

Cate noticed it and asked him what was happening, but he would beat her up. Cate’s previous job was related to tourism, so she decided to start her own company. The company was doing so well that her husband and his sisters became part of the crucial decision-makers there.

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Her husband and the sister would steal from her; they managed to buy company vans, but her husband would use them to take loans without Cate’s consent and use the money. Her husband was jealous since her business thrived so well. He started having affairs without hiding.

The husband threatened to kill her with their daughter if she walked out of their marriage. Her husband would not allow her to drive herself to work, and whenever he did, he would send armed men to monitor her. She reported to police stations, but they couldn’t help her.

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Her husband would bribe the police in order to be able to take her multimillion-dollar business. He managed to take the business. Cate went to court, but that was the beginning of her trouble because armed men would follow her every day, even when walking, threatening her to drop the case.

Whenever she hired a lawyer to represent her, the lawyer would start to receive threats from her husband. He bribed others to stop representing her in court. One day when the husband went to pick her up at work, she decided to ask him why he was doing all that to her. Cate had installed dreadlocks; he pulled her hair and dropped it down.

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Cate was in pain, the blood was coming out of her head; she screamed, and the people nearby rescued her. She was taken to the police station, then to the hospital. After being treated, she went back to the police station to follow the case, but the police had already been bribed; she was told there was no case.

She managed to get divorce papers, but her husband still threatens her by paying men to intimidate her. She regrets ignoring red flags at first....READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch Her Speak Below: