My Husband Chopped Off My Hand After Accusing Me of Having an Affair With My… – Veronica (WATCH VIDEO)

Veronica, a mother of two from Tanzania, has narrated how her husband chopped off her hand after he accused her of having an affair with her boss where she was working....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to her, she met her husband when she was in form four, and they moved in together after she completed college where she was doing a course of education.

She got her first job in a school where she was promoted every year because of good performance. She was blessed with two boys, and while there, her husband traveled to Dubai to work there for the whole year.

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When he came back, he had changed and started sleeping around with other ladies. When he would come back home, he would tell her everything is done with them to make her feel bad.

She says that one day she found her talking with her sister, and he broke her phone asking her what she was planning with her, that they have to talk for 3 minutes. He was so insecure that he had prohibited her from talking to her dad. On this fateful day that her husband almost killed her, she had gone to work where they were having tuitions on holidays and was working for a half day.

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When she came back home, she found her kids and the house girl locked in the house not knowing that her husband was hiding behind the house with a sharp machete.

When she tried to call them, her husband attacked her, accusing her of having an affair with her boss. As he was trying to cut her head, she placed the hand defending herself, and that was when her hand was chopped off.

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She screamed, and neighbors came to rescue her, and her husband was arrested. She was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for 2 months. She now stays with her mother and her kids and still works, but it’s hard to write on a blackboard.

She has urged married people in an abusive marriage to speak up before it’s too late to avoid something like what happened to her.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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