I Caught My Wife ‘Knacking’ In A Lodging With A Man Who Was My Friend He Was Also A Church Elder And…

A man identified as John has painfully narrated how his wife cheated on him with his best friend, who was also a member of their church. He caught the wife and the man in a lodging, enjoying themselves....READ FULL ARTICLE

He was born and raised in his hometown. After completing his education, he was employed and ready to start his own family. He met a girl from his village, engaged her, and later got married. He used to work very hard to provide for his family since his wife was a housewife.

They were blessed with two kids. The wife used to show him love every day, but he never suspected that she could be cheating on him. One day, his neighbor met him and informed him that his wife had been sleeping with his friend in their matrimonial house after going to work or taking his parents to the hospital.

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He doubted the neighbor, but since the following day they had an appointment to take his parents to the hospital, he decided to do the investigations. The day came, and they left home early. He reached his destination and told his younger brother to take the parents to the hospital.

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He went back home and hid where he was able to see his home well. At a certain time, he saw his wife leaving home on a motorbike. John informed his neighbor, who had a motorbike, and they followed them back. They went to a nearby location and watched her movements at a distance.

She went into a lodging while talking on the phone. After a few minutes, his friend also went inside the lodging. John went and reported the case, where he was given police officers to accompany him. They went into the room and knocked on the door. When they opened, they were shocked.

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They were arrested and taken to the police station, where John called her mother-in-law and the wife of the man to witness what the two were doing. They left them in the cell to report back the following day.

They went to solve the issue but found the police officers had already released them. They claimed there was no case since they had both agreed. He decided he didn’t want a cheating wife in his house, and that is how he divorced her.…READ FULL ARTICLE