Zimbabwean Man Causes Scene At Wife’s Work Place After He Caught Her Cheating With Married Office Driver

A Zimbabwean man, identified as Tinashe Ganiwa, recently stormed into his wife’s office after discovering that she was having an affair with her driving instructor....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to reports, Six Mukidze met Ganiwa’s wife, Virginia Ganiwa, two years ago while giving her driving lessons.

At the time, Mr Ganiwa believed that Mukidze was simply doing his job, but he began to suspect something was amiss after his wife introduced Mukidze to her parents.

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Mr Ganiwa also caught his wife speaking affectionately with Mukidze on the phone.

When approached for comment, Mukidze claimed to be unaware of Mrs Ganiwa’s marital status and apologized for everything did....READ FULL ARTICLE