VIDEO: Former Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu Prayed For Omobayo Godwin & God Made Him Deputy Governor Today.

The video attached to this story was at an occasion in Edo State a couple of weeks back when the now former Deputy Governor of the state, Comrade Philip Shaibu was seen with the current Deputy Governor, Omobola Godwin praying and eulogizing him....READ FULL ARTICLE

Infact, in the exact words of Philip Shaibu, he said, “I am older than you and as your elder, I pray that you will achieve what I have achieved and even surpass me in life”.

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You can imagine such prayer and we are very sure Omobola Godwin at the time of this prayer had not iota of interest in the seat of Deputy Governor of Edo State, talk-more, occupying it, but the God who saw today from when that prayer was made, decided the fate of Omobola and had to confirm the utterance of Philip Shaibu.

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Today, Omobola is Deputy Governor and if he plays he card very well and in accordance with the prayers of Shaibu, here is the springboard to greater heights politically in Edo State.

Congratulations to the man who has proven the bible passage which said that God dethrones one and exults another, which was what played out today in Edo State....READ FULL ARTICLE

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