Pastor Angrily Cut-Short Young Lady’s Testimony In Church: “I Don’t Condone Nonsense Here”

A Ghanaian pastor, Apostle Daniel Atta Gyebi, has caused a stir on social media after he angrily cut short a young lady’s testimony in his church. This was after the young lady mounted the altar to say things the man of God considered to be a sacrilege and ungodly....READ FULL ARTICLE

During a church service at the House of Jacob Chapel, an unidentified lady mounted the altar to share a testimony of how a man she had met helped her rent a three-bedroom apartment.

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This prompted Apostle Gyebi to probe further into the relationship between the lady and the man. The young lady, however, was hesitant to disclose her relationship with the man but only said that he had come home to see her parents.

The man of God, who at that point became incensed by the lady’s testimony, angrily grabbed the microphone and beckoned her to leave the altar.

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“If you are coming to give testimony, know that this is a church, and so you can’t come here to talk about things your boyfriend has done for you. we don’t condone such nonsense here. If you die in your sins, you are going to hell,” he added.

He further warned her never to come to his church to give such “nonsense testimonies”. “The money you claim the man gave you to rent the apartment must be huge, and this can only come from someone who is sleeping with you,” he added....READ FULL ARTICLE

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