Nigerian mother angrily walks away after her daughter picked a bottle of honey instead of a Bible at her traditional wedding (video)

A video shared on TikTok by @alaga_ire_ayo has gained the attention of the majority, generating different reactions from them. The video captured a Nigerian mother angrily walking away after her daughter picked up a bottle of honey during her traditional marriage....READ FULL ARTICLE

The MC had asked the bride to pick one thing from the items brought by the groom and his family as her bride price. While the lady opted to pick up a bottle of honey, her mother slapped her arm and yelled that she picked up the bible instead.

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The bride however insisted on picking a bottle of honey, which caused her mother to angrily walk away. The action of the mother has sparked debate online, has internet users shared their opinion in the comments.

Below are some of the comments:

@BlazerFreshchic: I love that this generation is going back to tradition. Whoever messed up the previous generation with religion did a bad job. Good to see she stood her ground, she knows what she wanted. Mum picked what she wanted on her own wedding, so allow her the young lady pls.

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@HTBILLION: My own is why must the mother get angry to the extent of walking away. Mothers need to learn that their children will turn to adults and start talking their own decisions. She just wan use bad energy spoil the wedding.

@leoleoqueen: I think people brides should even stop picking picking Bible. It’s not only sweet words and blessings that’s in the bible, there are curses and adversaries in there. Honey is the best and that’s the Yoruba tradition.

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@TajudeenR: And, honey is sweet. She wants a sweet life not a religious life. What’s wrong with that? The mother should step aside, be happy for her daughter and stop trying to keep controlling her adult /now married daughter....READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch the video below: