My Wife And My Son Tried To Kîll Me After I Caught Her Having An Affair I Regret Getting Married- Man Said

James from Thika Painfully revealed how he regrets getting twice and the 2 women cheated on him. As if that was not enough, the second wife and her son tried to kill him....READ FULL ARTICLE

He was born and brought up in Murang’a, he later moved to Kiambu where he later married a woman and had two kids. He sired two kids with the woman but after several years of living together, he noticed that his wife had an affair.

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According to him, he used to work at JKUAT as a watchman at night. He had managed to start a grocery shop for his wife. One of his kids used to tell him that there was an uncle who used to visit his wife at night.

His wife defended herself claiming that it was her cousin. He had also heard rumours that his wife didn’t sleep at home and had an affair. One day he decided to return home early than was expected and he didn’t find his wife.

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When his wife returned home at 6 am and found him in the house she went back never to return. After one year, he got into a relationship with another woman he met in the church. She had 3 kids and accepted them as his own.

He paid school fees for them but their marriage didn’t last long before the wife Cheated on him with a man next door. He had decided to forgive her but the woman was not a lady, she attacked him together with her elder son to kill him. He now regrets getting married and has chosen to stay single.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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