“My Head, My Head”, They Cried, Fell & Died over N280m Winners’ Property

Bishop David Oyedepo, has shared how covetousness and greed over a N280m Winners’ property claimed the lives of three family members. The instructive testimony by one of Nigeria’s most respected preachers, have been trending on social media....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to him, a Winners’ churches had bought a piece of property and duly paid the landlord but when the church wanted to start developing it, the landlord restrained them.

According to him, the seller did an about turn saying the church should not build but lease the property instead.

“By the time they were going to build the foundation, they found a pot with a baby’s head””, Bishop Oyedepo recalled, informing that the church took sand from the land and brought it to Canaan Land, headquarters site of the church.

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“The man went down, he’s down, life story”, the man of God narrated.  “You see, how wicked people can be? You sold the land, you collected the money and they must not build the land..he is off!”.

Aside the testimony on that N280m Winners ‘ property, other intriguing incidents took place as recalled in the ministration by the prophet.

This time, some folks in their old church had convoked a meeting with intent to eliminating him.

“And I am so easy to kill because I don’t go from the office until 11 o’clock, 1:30am. To kill me was very simple. “One came and said he would sponsor the operation, he had money. God, I had no idea”, he recalled but then, God began to fight back.

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“The man that chaired the meeting, his first son: ‘My head, my head’, he fell down and died. Two days later, the second son, ‘my head, my head, things scattered.

“One of them disappeared into thin air, I cannot say where he was. “The other one found himself in prison.and you know what, we bought some of his properties without knowing what happened.

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“It’s the one in prison who told the story when he met one of our people in the prison ministry”. Morals of the story, being not to be greedy, and of course never to fight God.

Prayer points/declarations following the N280m Winners’ Property testimonies.

God, scatter every gang-up against you

God, strike in the camp of your enemies

All that wish you and your children dead will die in your place

All that are after a life of struggle will go into unending struggle in their lives

You are walking into liberty....READ FULL ARTICLE

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