At 17 Years, I Still Share A Bed With My Dad And I’m Forced To Hustle For Food, We Need Help And; Teresiah (WATCH VIDEO)

Teresiah, who is a 17-year-old girl, tells the story of how she shares a bed with her dad and is forced to hustle to get money for food and her father’s medication. She says they were forced to sell everything in the house in order to get medication for him, but nothing changed....READ FULL ARTICLE

Speaking to John, who is her father, he shares that he was born normally with no problem at all. His wife passed away when Teresiah was in class three. John has taken care of Teresiah until where she is today.

He says that before getting sick, he would hustle by picking avocados for people or even cultivating, and with that, he was able to pay school fees for Teresiah and had even started a house which hasn’t still been completed.

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Currently, John cannot move out of his bed and depends on his daughter or even well-wishers for food and even his medication. He got sick five months ago and since then life has been tough to the extent he wants to give up at times.

John says he has tried several hospitals with no success. When a scan was taken, he was told he has nerves problems and was prescribed medicine. He, however, says that this medicine does not help him, and sometimes he even feels pain after taking it.

Teresiah was on the verge of finishing high school when her dad got sick. When sitting her exams, she was so stressed because no one was at home taking care of her dad. She had dreams of pursuing fashion design, but they were all shattered by her dad’s sickness.

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She says that they sold everything and were only left with that one bed she shares with her dad so that even she can turn him whenever he needs to since he can’t do it on his own. The neighbors have helped them till now, but they feel they are like a burden to them.

The two are forced to sleep hungry when Teresiah lacks to get a hustle or when no one helps them. Teresiah says it tears her heart to see her dad, who was a hardworking man, cry in pain and she can do nothing to help.

At her age, she washes her dad’s clothes, does all other house chores, and sometimes she is even forced to dress him when no one is available to change his clothes. She says loves her dad and she cannot leave him in his situation.

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John says that his dreams for his daughter were her to finish high school and go to either college or university in order to help herself and not him, but he cannot fulfill those dreams when he lies helpless on his bed.

Teresiah is urging well-wishers to help her dad get the medication he requires to be able to get back to his feet and work for himself, also for her to be able to go to college and pursue her fashion and design course to be able to help her dad....READ FULL ARTICLE

Watch her speak below:

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