A Man Who Offered To Pay My School Fees Turned Me Into His Wife, He Infected Me With HIV And – Patrick (Video)

Patrick has narrated what he went through in the hands of a man who offered to pay school fees for him but he ended up using him as his wife and also infected him with HIV....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Patrick he is the first born in a family of 4kids,his father died when he was in class seven and so after class eight his mother didn’t have money to take him to secondary school and so he went to Nairobi where he was selling soup.

While there a man who was his royal customer came one day and asked him if he would like to go to high school,he accepted because that was his desire so that he can help his mother in future to raise the other kids.They visited his mother and she accepted him to be staying with him even when he closes school.

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Patrick says that he joined form one a boarding school,after they closed for first term this man went and picked him from school and he took him to his house and bought him new clothes.After they arrived home they cooked dinner and went to sleep on the same bed.

In the middle of the night the man started to touch him inappropriately and when he asked him why he was touching him he told him that how life is and he shouldn’t worry,at that moment he didn’t sleep with him but he kept on doing it until they went back to school.

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Patrick says that he didn’t open up to anyone and he went back to school but he couldn’t concentrate well,after they closed school for second term that same day the man came home with a drink and they took it together but he had put some sleeping pills because he woke up in the morning in pain and bleeding.

After he asked him what had happened,he told him that if he wants him to continue paying for his school fees he should accept him to be sleeping with him, Patrick says it was very painful and because he wanted to finish his studies he accepted to be sleeping with him.

He says that this continued everytime he closed school he would be turned into his wife and the worse is when he started bringing other men to sleep with him,when he was in form four he go sick and he went to hospital and he was diagnosed with syphilis and HIV.he was shocked and didn’t open up to anyone.

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After form four this man allowed him to go home and it was hard for him because he was unable to open up to his mother what he went through but his mother kept on asking him why he looked stressed but he always lied he was okey.

He says that he has come out to confess everything that happened because he is unable to open up to his mother and he always feels guilty....READ FULL ARTICLE