Life isn’t Nollywood – Lady says as she runs into her ex-boyfriend who now looks fresh and better off after dumping her for a Caucasian woman

A Nigerian lady in the diaspora has shared the story of how her ex-boyfriend is living a better life after dumping her for a Caucasian woman. In a video she posted on social media, the lady said she was in a ‘’perfect relationship” with her ex before he dumped her for a Caucasian woman....READ FULL ARTICLE

She said they had no issues or fight and that he just stopped answering her phone calls and avoided her.

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She said she later discovered that her ex had moved on with the Caucasian woman who had a lot of money. She said when she finally spoke with her ex, he asked her not to be angry and just understand that he was “hustling” and wanted a better life abroad.

She said the incident hurt her so much because she really liked the boy.

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She recently ran into the said ex and was surprised to see him driving a better car and looking all cleaned up. She said prior to meeting the white woman, her ex had a job that paid him a meager salary.

She said with the turn of events, she’s happy that her ex left her for the white woman who has now turned his life around. Her story has elicited reaction on social media with many men hailing her for wishing her ex well despite what happened between them....READ FULL ARTICLE

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Watch the video below:

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