“I Saw My Coffin” – Lady Lands in Trouble For Using and Dumping a Man After Paying Her University Fees

That was the shocking discovery that Christine made just days before her wedding to Martin, a wealthy businessman from Naivasha. She met him in 2019 when she was working as a waitress in a bar. He had offered to pay for her education at the University, where she had been admitted as a government-sponsored student....READ FULL ARTICLE

“I had a pass in the exam and was selected by JAB to join UoN as a government-sponsored student. But despite the subsidized fees JAB students pay, we could not afford, so I had to look for work,” she narrated.

Martin was a regular customer at the bar, and he soon took a liking to the young lady. He wooed her with gifts and promises, and she fell in love with him. He enrolled her at UoN in 2019 and paid for all her expenses. She stayed with him most of the time, and he treated her like a queen.

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“I paid all her fees, accommodation, and even food. Most of the time she stayed at my place. I knew we would one day tie the knot. I saw a wife in her. She said she loved me. But little did I know that I was just preparing for a heartbreak,” Martin said.

Christine graduated in late 2022 and agreed to marry Martin. They started their wedding arrangements, and Martin paid dowry to her parents. They planned to wed in May 2023.

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However, two weeks before the D-day, she started to behave strangely. She started to express unpreparedness. And a few days before the wedding, she called it quits.

“I was not ready for this. I also came to learn that Martin had two other wives he did not tell me about. I was not ready to be a third wife. So I had to take the bold step and bolt out,” she offered.

The man was heartbroken and vowed to give the lady a sweet revenge. He visited a seer who tormented Christine with nightmares from June to October 2023.

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“I have not had peace. Those five months have been terrible. I could not sleep. I lost weight. I dread the night since I knew it was time for horror dreams. On several occasions, I dreamt I was dead, after being involved in an accident and Martin came to laugh at my funeral.

Other times, I dreamt someone with a knife was coming to stab me. I knew he had done something bad to me as payback. But I knew I was just protecting myself. I did not leave without good reason. He is a womanizer,” she said....READ FULL ARTICLE

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