Here is What Happens in Your Body 20 Minutes After Drinking Coca-cola

In the 20 minutes following the consumption of a can of cola, the body’s blood sugar levels spike and your body feels like it is vibrating. These short-term impacts seem to lessen…just like the high from a drug....READ FULL ARTICLE

You tolerate the negative effects more easily and you don’t realize what damage it’s actually doing to your body. The body also has to absorb that sugar and the liver kicks into high gear to try to break down the sugar, which it can’t, and then it turns to fat.

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During this spike, our blood pressure also increases, which can lead to vision problems, heart problems, dizziness, and more.

Within the hour following the consumption of a can of cola, you’ll find that you need to urinate, but that the sense of relief might not follow even though you can’t physically urinate more.

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That means that drinking sodas on a regular basis can lead to osteoporosis and bone disorders over time. It’s not just about the heart and pancreas.

There is a lot going on in your vital organs that can cause serious and lasting problems. The stimulus received from the can of cola also causes your pupils to dilate, your body to become sluggish and you want to beat that feeling so you reach for another can.

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It’s a vicious cycle. It’s no wonder soft drink sales are up around the world and companies like Coca-Cola are trying to be in every venue, arena, store, market, and airport around the world.

They know that people can get addicted and start to crave these drinks, which means big bucks for them....READ FULL ARTICLE

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