HARDSHIP: Government agree to offer civil servants a salary increase of 12 percent

Government on Wednesday agreed to offer civil servant a salary increase of 12 percent. This follows a roundtable that government officials and members of Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) had in Lilongwe....READ FULL ARTICLE

Government allocated K70 billion to cater for annual salary increments for civil servants in the 2024-25 national budget.

Civil servants, through their union, protested the amount, saying it was on the lower side.

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The government officials and members of Civil Servants Trade Union have been engaging in talks over the issue but the civil servants insisted that the amount is a pittance, such that it cannot cushion them from the effects of the 44 percent devaluation of the Kwacha, which was effected last year in November.

Government claimed that the K70 billion allocation meant that every civil servant would get an increase of around 5 percent.

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Madalitso Njolomole CSTU General Secretary said they are satisfied with the 12 percent increase.

He added that government officials told them that the money has been increased to K100 billion, translating into 12 percent salary increase for government employees. To them, this is a fair increase considering that, recently, government offered us another hike.

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Charles Kalemba Chairperson for the taskforce who was also handling the issue, confirmed that the meeting went on well and that they have agreed on the amount.

The development means that civil servants will, this year, get a 22 percent salary hike after the government also offered them 10 percent increase in January this year....READ FULL ARTICLE

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