BREAKING: I am Sorry, I Took You For Granted – President Tinubu

The President said this while speaking at Iftar (breaking of the fast) with stakeholders in the private sector at the State House in Abuja on Thursday, April 4, 2024....READ FULL ARTICLE

He commended the stakeholders for their valuable suggestions in areas such as gas, solid minerals, finance, trade, and investment.

Tinubu apologised for not reaching out to the private sector early enough, noting that they remain a valuable part of his administration.

“The organised private sector, I want to say thank you very much. The inspiring remarks are very very clear to me. They sank in and we’ve heard from gas, solid minerals, finance, trade and investment on this side how much we’re pushing.

“I’ve taken you for granted till this time. I would have summoned you before now not during the Ramadan because you’re one and very valuable part of my constituency. And there’s no driver of this economy other than what you’re.

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“If the private sector isn’t flourishing, there’s no growth, there’s no prosperity. There’s no employment. No matter how flowery the speeches are, they won’t grow any mushroom. Thank you for persevering and enduring the thorny moment of our economy. That’s where we are,” he said.

On the economy, the president appreciated the perseverance and endurance of the private sector as the country navigates through a torrid period.

He maintained that Nigeria has all it takes to grow its economy, especially if all stakeholders can channel the can-do spirit the nation is known for.

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Tinubu reiterated that he can’t complain about governance challenges because he campaigned and begged for the job, therefore, he holds it a duty to Nigerians to perform.

“I don’t have to do quadratic equation to illustrate all of that to you, I just need to say I appreciate you for your endurance and perseverance and believing in this country.

“I was in New York Stock Exchange and I was appealing to the investors, at the end of the remark, I said one thing: we only want you to show your face as a diversified and understanding bold investors not we that we can’t do it ourselves and Tony Elumelu walked up to me and said ‘thank you very much for making that statement.’

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“We can do it. Nigeria is a self-believer and can always deliver on its own. Whatever they call us in the past, we know our firstname and our last name. Our first name is spirit, our last name is can do,” he said.

“I will call you again. I appreciate the gesture and what you’ve given to me is very very inspiring. To move on, cut the cost, twist the bent, summon courage, and behave rightly.

“Save the money but push the economy. There are some countries that have failed, there are some countries that have succeeded. But in your time, in our time, in my time, all of us must work together to succeed,” the President added....READ FULL ARTICLE

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