“My girlfriend got pregnant for another man but I still stayed with her till she had the baby” – Good man brags

An X user has revealed how he stood by his now ex girlfriend who got pregnant for another man. According to the young man, he stayed with her till she had the baby because he thought she needed emotional support as the guy responsible for the pregnancy was irresponsible....READ FULL ARTICLE

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In his words, “One day I’ll tell the story of how my ex got pregnant for another man and despite the fact that I knew she was pregnant, I still stayed even till she had the baby (cos I figured she needed the emotional support)

P.s – I’m not a fool, I knew I had to be there for her as the guy who got her pregnant was irresponsible.”

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He went on to further explain that the said lady was forcibly ‘knacked’ by her stepfather....READ FULL ARTICLE

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