JUST IN: His Apology Won’t Save Him, He Will Explain, I Wished It Was Me He Referred To – Bello El-Rufai Tells Oseni

In response to a comment made by a social media user regarding an incident on live TV involving Rufai Oseni implying that one of Malam Nasir El-Rufai’s children may not be his biological child, Bello El-Rufai expressed strong disapproval. The social media user suggested legal action against Arise TV and the dismissal of Rufai Oseni from his job....READ FULL ARTICLE

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Bello El-Rufai dismissed Rufai Oseni’s apology video, stating that it wouldn’t absolve him of accountability for his actions. He expressed a desire for reconciliation but emphasized that Rufai Oseni would need to provide a satisfactory explanation.

Bello El-Rufai’s statement on his page read, “His silly apology video won’t save him, he will explain. I wished it was me he referenced. Unless he reconcile.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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