JUST IN: 58-Year-Old Twins Married to Cousins from Same Village claim They Get Sick when Separated

Just as with many identical twins, Alice and Jane Muga love each other so much and the thought of separation never goes done well with them According to their mum, bubbly Alice is the older twin by five minutes and Jane who is more reserved was the baby of the family...READ FULL ARTICLE

While their mother was good at differentiating Alice and Jane, their father couldn’t. As kids, the two were inseparable; they went to the same school and would always get the same marks. When they got

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Their dad thought needed to be independent of each other and took them to different schools.

The two later joined the same institution of higher learning and later got jobs in the same hospital. Alice met a dashing man and the two got married, little did she know that her sister would also get married into his family.

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Jane’s husband is late but when he was alive they used to play tricks on the husbands who found it hard to tell them apart.

Alice and Jane are both 58 years old but up to now they still dress in the same clothes. In August, another set of twins revealed that they got married to twin brothers in a joint wedding ceremony. Brittany and Briana first met Josh and Jeremy Salyers at the 2017 Twins Day Festival, and have since welcomed sons Jett and Jax.

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The children are cousins but also genetic siblings known as quaternary twins. The couples bought a mansion near picturesque Smith Mountain Lake in central Virginia and transformed it into a wedding venue.

Inside, Josh and Jeremy built a nursery for Josh and Jax, who are being raised as brothers, and the family is now living together…READ FULL ARTICLE

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