JUST IN: Wike Received A Text From His Brother Alleging I Said I Would Deal With Igbos To Ikwerre Brothers

Former Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has responded to allegations made by Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu regarding the demolition of his estate in Abuja’s Asokoro area....READ FULL ARTICLE

Wike refuted claims that the demolition was motivated by ethnic bias, citing a text message received from Ukachukwu’s brother as evidence.

Wike revealed during a live TV interview, “His brother sent me a text message. I have never met his brother but he sent me a message saying, ‘You told your Ikwerre brothers you will deal with Igbos in FCT’. Imagine such.”

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Furthermore, Wike emphasized the need for a change in societal behavior, stating, “Nigerians can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.”

Regarding the land allocation, Wike clarified that the estate was allotted to Mr. Ukachukwu during a period when there was no minister overseeing the FCT. He asserted that proper procedures were followed in the allocation process.

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Undeterred by the accusations, Wike affirmed his commitment to upholding justice, declaring, “I will continue to do the right thing, and nothing will happen. They may come in different ways, but I will defeat all of them.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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