‘I left my husband for my secret lover – but he dropped a bombshell and now I’m alone’

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One woman has had her dream of settling down with her work colleague shattered after he dropped a bombshell on her and left her alone – after she’d already left her husband

for him. The anonymous woman explained she and her colleague have been close for many years, and it has always been a point of contention in her marriage, with her husband even asking her to choose between the two men before they tied the knot.

She chose her husband and the pair got married, but she claimed her colleague was “never far from her thoughts”. The other man eventually got married too, but three years later the pair are now “enjoying an intense affair” behind their respective spouses’ backs.

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The affair isn’t just sex for the woman and her colleague though, as she insisted they both have real feelings for one another and have been discussing ditching their partners to be together. Writing in to The Sun’s Dear Deidre column, the woman explained: “During my first year of marriage I actively avoided my colleague but one day our departments sent us on the same training day and all my feelings came flooding back.

“It killed me inside when he said he was engaged. Still, we’d text just to catch up. He never left my mind. Then we began working similar shifts so we began to flirt, hug and kiss. He confided in me that things weren’t good in his marriage. He kept saying that if I left my marriage, he’d leave his wife.”

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So, with the dream of finally being with her colleague, the woman decided to leave her husband and has now “moved out” of their home. But there’s one problem – her lover is being flaky.

He’s now told her that his “wife is making an effort” where she wasn’t before, and as a result, he’s started texting her far less often and the pair barely meet up – even though he said he was still interested.

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She added: “The last time we spoke he said he thinks he’s going to stay with his wife because she’s really trying. I haven’t seen him outside of work for three weeks. He’s broken me.”

In her response, Dear Deidre editor Sally Land insisted the man never had any intentions of leaving his wife as he could have “the best of both worlds” by keeping up his affair. She then encouraged the woman to “move on” from him and find a new man who was “worthy” of her love....READ FULL ARTICLE

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