BREAKING: African Development Bank President Advocates For Renaming Nigeria To “United States of Nigeria”

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group, has proposed a significant overhaul in the nomenclature of Nigeria, advocating for the adoption of “The United States of Nigeria” as the country’s new name....READ FULL ARTICLE

Adesina unveiled this proposal during a speech titled “Making a New Nigeria: Welfarist Policies and People-Centred Development,” presented as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership.

In a statement released by his Special Adviser on Industrialisation, Prof. Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Adesina outlined his vision for a redefined national identity aimed at fostering greater unity and decentralization of power. He emphasized that renaming the nation to the “United States of Nigeria” would signify a shift in the relationship dynamics between the federal government and the constituent states.

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Adesina articulated his belief that such a transformation would empower the states, positioning them as the focal points of governance with Abuja providing support rather than exerting dominance.

He underscored the importance of grassroots participation and inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse aspirations of Nigeria’s populace, from rural villages to bustling urban centers.

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The statement encapsulated Adesina’s vision for a nation united in purpose, where the hopes and aspirations of every citizen, regardless of age or background, are recognized and prioritized.

He emphasized the need for constitutional amendments to decentralize economic and fiscal powers, enabling states or regions to thrive autonomously while strengthening the overall fabric of the nation.

Adesina’s proposition sparked discussions across various sectors, with proponents lauding the potential for enhanced governance and economic development under the proposed restructuring.

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However, the proposal also elicited cautious deliberation, with stakeholders highlighting the complexities and challenges inherent in such a monumental transformation.

As Nigeria navigates its path towards progress and prosperity, Adesina’s call for a fundamental shift in national identity resonates as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection on the country’s future trajectory.

The discourse surrounding the potential renaming of Nigeria reflects broader conversations about governance, unity, and the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable society....READ FULL ARTICLE

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