Ladies, Even If You Use A Mallam Perfume Of N500 And Your Character Is 10,000,000, We’ll Choose You – Pastor Iginla says

The General Overseer of Champion’s Royal Assembly Prophet Joshua Iginla in his recent post on Facebook shared a prophetic message to friends and families....READ FULL ARTICLE

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that “You are the ones that think that until you wear Brazilian Hair that is when men will look for you. Now listen to me very carefully! Men don’t know what is called Brazilian hair.

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We don’t know what is called Oshodi hair. Neither do we know what is called Agba Hair. You are only treating your hair and not your head.

Speaking further he said ” Ladies, listen to me! It is not your perfume that brings men closer to you. Even if you like to use the perfume of N200,000 that is your business. Why? Because there are men who don’t know the difference in perfume. On this note, what is a man looking for? It is character. Let your character becomes a good perfume.

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Speaking further he said “When your character smells very well, that is what men are looking for. Even if you use Mallam Perfume of N500 And Your Character is 10,000,000, Men will go for you.

This is to tell you that Without character, you cannot be trusted, and if you be cannot be trusted, you cannot lead. The word character comes from the Greek, meaning “to make a mark.” Your character is your mark on the world. Character can be defined as the sum of one’s characteristics....READ FULL ARTICLE

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