Deputy National Chair Of APC Expresses Concern Over Rising Popularity Of Labour Party

Labour Party Deputy National Chairman, Ayo Olorunfemi, recently shared his insights with AYOOLA OLASUPO regarding the ongoing calls for the resignation of the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, by the Nigeria Labour Congress leadership, alongside other pressing issues within the party....READ FULL ARTICLE

Since the conclusion of the 2023 general elections, the Labour Party has found itself embroiled in a protracted leadership crisis. When asked to evaluate the root cause of this crisis, Olorunfemi highlighted a complex interplay of factors.

He emphasized that beyond the dominant political forces represented by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Labour Party itself has been a battleground for individuals leveraging its strength for personal political gains.

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Olorunfemi pointed out instances where prominent figures, like former NLC president and ex-governor, aligned with the APC despite their initial involvement in founding the Labour Party.

He cited former governor Olusegun Mimiko’s successful electoral bids under the LP banner, despite his non-Labour background, as indicative of this trend. Such instances, according to Olorunfemi, highlight a disconnect between the party’s ideals and the opportunistic use of its platform for personal political ambitions.

To address these challenges, Olorunfemi discussed the formation of a political commission within the Trade Union Congress (TUC) aimed at advancing a socialist-oriented governance agenda.

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This initiative, supported by TUC leadership under Quadri Olaleye, sought to mobilize Nigerian workers towards political participation as a means of addressing governance deficits and improving workers’ welfare.

Despite efforts to unite under a common cause during the 2023 elections, Olorunfemi acknowledged the lingering influence of figures like Adam Oshiomole within the NLC, which posed challenges to the Labour Party’s electoral success. Moreover, he lamented perceived interference from external political forces, particularly the APC, alleging attempts to undermine the LP’s integrity and viability.

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In response to queries about resolving the party’s internal strife, Olorunfemi stressed the importance of maintaining the party’s structural integrity and democratic principles.

While acknowledging the existence of factions vying for control, he emphasized the need for aspiring leaders to earn their positions through grassroots engagement and party-building efforts at the local level.

In conclusion, Olorunfemi expressed the determination of the Labour Party leadership to confront external pressures and internal divisions head-on, reaffirming their commitment to preserving the party’s identity and advancing its socialist agenda despite ongoing challenges....READ FULL ARTICLE

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