You are not FCT Minister, Return To Lokoja As a Governor of Kogi state, Usman Okai Tells Usman Ododo.

The immediate candidate of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Dekina/Bassa federal constituency, Cmr Usman Okai Austin...READ FULL ARTICLE

has tasked kogi state Governor Usman Ododo, to return to Lokoja kogi state capital where he can attend to issues relating to kogi state as number one citizen of the state instead of running up and down in Abuja lobbying people to intervene in the EFCC vs Yahaya Bello and his own Tribunal case ongoing.

Okai said, the Governor ever since he was declared the Governor only come to lokoja as a mere visitor where he abandoned government house to the former governor and now permanently in Abuja since the former governor is backed to Lokoja after he was charged of N84 billion Naira fraud by the EFCC.

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Its no longer news that the governor and all his 21 local government chairmen , commissioners and some of his appointees have relocated from kogi to Abuja where tax payers money are being used to pay various hotels accommodation in the name of monitoring the ongoing Tribunal case.

“The governor has legal team and his party has leadership, but mandating all those people that their movement are being sponsored by tax payers in pursuing a hopeless court case in Abuja is a waste of our resources and that shows the government has lost focus.

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The time where insecurity is everywhere and communal clashes is dominating , bandits and other communal killing in the nation, serious state Governors are in their state with their commissioners and local authorities.

Unfortunately, our state is without governance since Ododo has mandated all his appointees to relocate to Abuja to put pressure on EFCC and Tribunal

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“Ever since he was sworn in , Usman Ododo is yet to make any move that will show of a Governor that has direction of what to do instead, he is in Abuja running an errand for the former Governor Who had looted so much from the state….READ FULL ARTICLE

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