A couple has been given a week in which to consider reconciliation after it transpired in Livingstone Local Court A3 that they actually had sex on the eve of court appearance....READ FULL ARTICLE

Senior Local Court Magistrate Fredrick Mainza was surprised that Faustina Sikazimina, 35, begged the court to grant her divorce when her husband, Mizinga Mwanza, revealed that the couple had a roll in the hay the previous night.

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“You even had sex before coming to court, which shows that you still love each other. The matter will be adjourned so that the mother of the woman can give her evidence,” the court ordered.

Mwanza, who opposed the divorce, let the cat out of the bag on the position of his conjugal rights in his marriage after his wife accused him of womanising around bars.

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“We had sex last night and we slept in the same bed. We have lived happily in this marriage. Just give me another chance,” Mwanza said.

Sikazimina told the court she gave in to Mwanza’s demands for sex before coming to court under duress as she was no longer interested in the marriage.

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Passing judgment, Senior Local Court Magistrate Mainza gave the couple a week-long marriage chance….READ FULL ARTICLE

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