We Are Not Afraid Of Anyone – A Video Showing Heavily Armed Men In Has Caused A Stir

A recent video circulating on social media has brought attention to the serious safety concerns faced by residents of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region....READ FULL ARTICLE

The video shows a group of three men who are seen threatening to harm anyone who opposes them. In the video, the men are armed with machetes and other weapons and can be heard making explicit threats while gesturing in a threatening manner.

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One of the men in the video is heard saying, “We have arrived. We fear no one except God,” while the others make slashing gestures, indicating violence.

This display of aggression and intimidation has caused alarm among viewers, who are calling on the Police Service to take action and identify the group responsible for these threats.

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Netizens who have seen the video are urging the authorities to ensure that these individuals face legal consequences for their actions before they cause harm to others.

The public is concerned that if these armed men are not held accountable, they may pose a danger to the lives of Ghanaians. It is crucial for law enforcement to intervene and prevent any potential violence before it escalates further....READ FULL ARTICLE

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Watch video below:

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