“I’m Getting Old With No Man To Warm My Bed I’m Lonely” Woman Asks For Love Reveals This

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A 32-year-old woman has revealed that she is still a virgin and has never been in a relationship. She took to Reddit.com to share her story, saying that she is picky when it comes to the type of men she wants, and that most of her dates don’t go past the first one. She said that she wants to have a child and is seriously looking for a man to be with. She disclosed that she had bought kids’ clothes and toys over the past decade.

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The woman’s story has sparked a debate online, with some people saying that she is being too picky and that she needs to lower her standards if she wants to find a man. Others have expressed sympathy for her, saying that it must be difficult to be a virgin at her age. She said,

“I haven’t been successful with dating. I’m unattractive, but I try to fix my appearance. I haven’t gone past the first date. I’m used to rejection at this point. Never had a kiss, never slept with any man, I haven’t even hugged a guy. I want to be a mother so bad. I can’t afford IVF or any of those fancy treatments. I need to find a man to have a baby with me. The last date I went on was a month ago, and it didn’t go well. I’ve been looking for resources for women in my position. It seems the best I can do now is find a guy who wants to be a dad and have a baby with him. I could just go find a guy and get pregnant and raise the baby alone. I really want my baby to have a dad though.”

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